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Little Chestnuts Topics - 2018/19

Below are the whole school topics for the year in which all children in Early Years will participate. In addition to these planned activities, children will regularly be encouraged to think of some of their own ideas which we will incorporate into our planning. Children’s ideas are collected through weekly class discussions and observations. We value all children’s contributions towards our planning, and by allowing children to share their own interests and ideas they continue to be motivated learners. Alongside the topics below we also look at a wide range of seasonal and religious festivals throughout the year such as Diwali, Harvest, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter, Holi and Tanabata.

Autumn Term (Part 1)

Welcome to Little Chestnuts!

We know that starting school is a mixture of emotions so we will spend the first few weeks ensuring that the children feel happy and settled (as well as the parents). During this time we play lots of name games, social activities and explore all the different areas in our classroom and outside. It is an important time to find out ‘all about me’. We encourage the children to share more about themselves through art work, photos and speaking activities.

Autumn Term (Part 2)

Mr Men and Little Miss

Mr Men and Little Miss characters are an exciting way to explore different emotions, personalities and characteristics. Through role play, artwork and messy play will we be sharing our favourite characters and stories. We will also use the characters to help the children gain an understanding of different ways to learn and become confident to have a go at new activities. Mr Chatterbox can help us develop confidence with speaking and listening games, while we need to help Mr Forgetful follow instructions. During every term we will also be cooking and using the Balance bikes regularly.

Spring Term (First Half)

Wild World

Our exciting Spring topic will explore the wild world of animals. With help from a range of our favourite stories, songs and rhymes, we will be looking at different animals and finding out how they move. We will be using different movements to develop our large and small physical skills. Through role-play of animals and art work the children will develop their listening skills as well as their maths counting and sequencing of animal stories. ‘Elmer’ and other stories will be used as a link to help understand personal and social situations.   

Spring Term (Second Half)

Once Upon a Time

During this topic we will become builders to help the Three Little Pigs, Chefs to make Goldilocks and the Three Bears new breakfast and gardeners to help Jack grow the beanstalk. Traditional tales are an excellent way to help the children develop their reading skills and expand on their imagination. We will use messy play and role play to sequence stories. The children will be encouraged to give reasons to extended their answers and build their maths and literacy language into everyday play.

Summer Term (First Half)

Earth, Wind and Fire

As part of our daily calendar the children will become weather watchers and make observations about the changes. This topic will allow us to explore weather further and make different weather sounds using musical instruments, movements and large scale art pieces. We will become mini-scientists and conduct floating and sinking experiments in the water and observe first-hand how water helps the plants grow which we will plant in the garden.

Summer Term (Second Half)

To Infinity and Beyond!

Our final topic in Little Chestnuts will encourage us to reach for the stars! We will look at space, rockets and even aliens through a range of imaginative stories and songs. We will build rockets to help retell stories and create our own to write about. Through number rhymes and rocket shape puzzles we will continue to expand our maths skills and language. And finally we will be celebrating everything the children have achieved during the year and start preparing for the move up to reception.