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Reception Topics 2016/17

Below are the whole school topics for the year in which all children in reception will participate. In addition to these planned activities children will regularly be encouraged to think of some of their own ideas which we incorporate into our planning. Children’s ideas are collected by use of termly ‘topic webs’ and through weekly class discussions. We value all children’s contributions towards our planning, and by allowing children to share their own interests and ideas they continue to be motivated learners. Alongside the topics below we also look at a wide range of seasonal and religious festivals throughout the year such as Diwali, Harvest, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter, Holi and Tanabata.

Autumn Term (First Half)

Starting School , Zap! And Game on

For the first two weeks Reception children will be introduced to each other, staff, routines and different areas in the school. They will learn about different areas in the Early Years classrooms and how to use equipment purposefully. The following weeks in this part of the term will be spent looking at the topics ‘Zap!’ and ‘Game on!’. In Maths, we will be making patterns, exploring capacity and ordering numbers. In Literacy we will focus on using our imaginations to create comic characters and the children will make their own comic strips and become superheroes. We will also focus our Literacy around two books; Mr Wuffles and Chalk.

Autumn Term (Second Half)


In this half term we will be focussing on materials and how we can look after our environment. In Maths, we will be learning about capacity and children will describe cups of water or sand as ‘full’, ‘half full’ or ‘empty’. We will learn about 3D shapes, go on shape hunts and make models using shapes. Children will recognise and order numerals and order items by size. In Literacy, we will look at the book ‘Flotsam’ and we will think of different story endings. The children will experience a range of traditional stories and describe and sort different materials. We will also be thinking about Christmas and how and why it is celebrated.

Spring Term (First Half)

One World

In this topic we will be thinking about similarities and differences around the world. In Maths, children will explore 2D shapes and will look at different flags around the world, thinking about the shapes used on them. We will compare the weight of different objects and use language to describe them, e.g. heavy or light. Children will discover numerals from around the world and will have the chance to write them. In Literacy, children will think about similarities and differences between themselves and their peers, for example, their feelings and opinions. We will celebrate Earth Day, Chinese New Year, World Religion Day and Lent. Children will taste different foods from around the world and have the opportunity to cook some different foods.

Spring Term (Second Half)

Up, up ... and away!

During this topic we will explore different modes of transport. We will look at the height of different vehicles and compare shortest to tallest. Children will go to the playground and measure a journey that they take using non-standard measures, for example, string and footsteps. In Maths, they will also learn how to subtract numbers using a range of practical resources. In Literacy, children will go on various journeys around the school environment and write postcards and make journey sticks. We will also experiment with ramps and discover which vehicles travel the furthest. Children will use a range of electronic toys, e.g. Beebots and Duplo cars. They will make boats selecting different materials and test if they float or sink. We will celebrate Easter, Mother’s Day and Holi festival.

Summer Term (First Half)

Who? What? Where?

In this topic we will become investigators! Children will write clues about each other and play a game of ‘Guess Who’. We will read a range of questions and answer them as ‘yes’ or ‘no’. We will focus on the book ‘Quest’ and children will write their own stories based on it. In Maths, children will find out information about their peers and will make tally charts and pictograms. We will learn how to add two numbers together using a range of practical resources e.g. number lines. Children will sort 2D and 3D shapes into various categories. We will use a range of technology and children will explore different programs on laptops. They will learn how to give instructions, including left and right. During this term we will celebrate Eid and Vesak Day.

Summer Term (Second Half)

Dream Big!

In the final topic we will think about jobs and careers. Children will think about their own aspirations and imagine what different jobs are like, for example, what it is like to be a zoo keeper. We will also learn about people who help us and how different people in our community help us. Children will put their chef hat on and design their own menu. We will look at the work of artists; Magritte, Dali and De Chirico and create our own dream scapes. In Maths, we will learn how to solve a range of problems, for example, sharing 10 bears in to 2 equal groups. We will also explore doubling and halving and children will record number sentences. Towards the end of the summer term, children will start to think about Year 1 and be involved in a range of transition activities.

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