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Reception Topics 2018/19

Early Years Curriculum Overview 2018 - 2019

‘What to expect when’- A Parent’s guide to the Early Years curriculum

EYFS Development Matters

Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics

Below are the whole school topics for the year in which all children in Early Years will participate. In addition to these planned activities, children will regularly be encouraged to think of some of their own ideas which we will incorporate into our planning. Children’s ideas are collected through weekly class discussions and observations. We value all children’s contributions towards our planning, and by allowing children to share their own interests and ideas they continue to be motivated learners. Alongside the topics below we also look at a wide range of seasonal and religious festivals throughout the year such as Diwali, Harvest, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter, Holi and Tanabata

Autumn Term (First 3 weeks)

Starting school and Stop, Look, Listen!

Starting school is an exciting but daunting time for everybody. This is why we spend the first two weeks of Reception getting used to the new environment and meeting new people. The children will play ice - breaker games and go on a treasure hunt to explore their new school grounds. Each area in Early Years has exciting opportunities, where children can start their learning journey. The following week will be spent looking at Stop, Look, Listen! Through art and messy play we will be creating our very own ‘Safety Street’ and thinking of how we can keep safe when out and about. Using the hedgehog road safety song we will create our own actions, movements and practise these through role play.

Autumn Term (Part 2)

Mr Men and Little Miss

Could you build a house and measure the height at the same time? Little Miss Inventor could! We’ll be diving into the world of Mr Men and Little Miss to discover the Characteristics of Effective Learning. We will be making large scale models and solve puzzles to develop our creative and critical thinking skills, like Mr Adventure. We will be inspired by Mr Try to persevere when solving simple addition problems. Through storytelling and acting the children will create their own Mr Men or Little Miss character and send them on an adventure. We will develop our speech and language skills by describing where the Mr Men and Little Miss are hiding and follow instructions to find them. We will help Mr Tall to measure his friends by height and help him compare with Little Miss Tiny.

Spring Term (First Half)

Wild World

Let’s explore the wild world around us and consider who we share the world with, from the tiny ant to the elephant. The children will discover different habitats using our magnifying glasses on a minibeast hunt. Through artwork and messy play we will explore different natural textures and create leaf rubbings and printings. Using imaginative picture books we will use drama to inspire creative writing and storytelling. Natural resources are a great way to investigate numbers and shapes! The children will have many opportunities to use the natural resources when exploring maths outdoors.

Spring Term (Second Half)

Once Upon a Time

In this magical half term the children will be acting out traditional stories, such as ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Through props, painting and printing the children will create their own fairy tale villain. We will help the Jolly Postman to deliver his letters by taking a trip around Amersham to the post box. Junk modelling and building blocks will allow us to create our own magnificent castles while providing opportunities to become familiar with 3D shapes. In the ‘Fairy-tale Land’ role play area the children will have a chance to dress up as a bear, build their house with sticks and explore different coins to buy their magic beans. We will also be solving number problems to help the detectives discover which characters have been up to no good!

Summer Term (First Half)

Earth, Wind and Fire

In this topic we will be putting our lab coats on to conduct experiments in the world around us. Will a rock float? Will a coin sink? What will magnets stick to? Our Chestnut Lane scientists are on the case! The children will also be splashing around and investigating the capacity of different containers. We will be developing our teamwork skills to create erupting volcanoes. We will continue to use our maths and literacy skills creatively when reporting our findings. The children will become weather reporters and use the iPads to film a weather report and present them to the class.

Summer Term (Second Half)

To Infinity and Beyond!

And we have blast off! In our final topic we will be exploring the wonders of space and developing our questioning skills. How do you get there? Who has visited there? Who lives there? We will delve into space stories and shoot off into the world of numbers to solve mathematical problems. We will be using different materials to create our own ‘out of this world’ aliens! Towards the end of the summer term, the children will start to think about moving up to Year 1. We will participate in a range of exciting transition activities which will prepare the children for the next part of their learning journey.