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Year One Topics - 2016/2017

Autumn (First Half)

Zap! And Game on!

During this topic children will be exploring the fantasy world of superheroes. They will develop their understanding of the key punctuation involved in writing. Year One will begin to recount their experiences whilst completing obstacle courses and challenges. Children will continue to practise accurate counting and the formation of their numbers as well as begin to record the names of each number. Through foundation subjects, children will begin to investigate seasonal changes and weather patterns in the UK. The children will use a variety of skills in creative and imaginative ways to produce levers and sliders during Design and Technology. By celebrating the festival of Yom Kippur, children will gain further understanding of different faiths and cultures.

Autumn (Second Half)


Year One will develop their artistic skills by drawing still life images of rubbish. The children will use their imagination to enhance their vocabulary when creating sense poems. Children will produce instructions on how to save the world and reinvent rubbish into new and imaginative things. This will give children continued opportunity to demonstrate and use accurate punctuation and phonics skills. Through number work, children will gain stronger confidence to recall number bonds and facts. The use of Bee Bots will allow children to input and follow directions during Computing.

Spring (First Half)

One World

The children will learn about different cultures and religions by exploring alternative texts during World Religion Day and creative lessons. Whilst cooking, children will become more aware of different food from around the world and will begin to think about hygiene and nutritional benefits. Year One will have the chance to explore capacity and length in their natural environment as well as compare measurements to broaden their maths skills. Using varied technology, children will look at the different ways to communicate outside of the classroom and the importance of e-safety. They will focus on the disastrous but natural historic event in Pompeii and express their views and emotions. Year One will also learn about the UK and link the four connecting nations with their capital cities.

Spring (Second Half)

Up, up... and away!

Year One will research the achievements of Tim Peak and Neil Armstrong and compare how their experiences differ from one another. The children will use compass directions and their map skills to explore their local environment. To celebrate the Holi festival they will create paint work to express and reinforce their understanding. Year One will focus on exploring imaginatively in hot air balloons as well as produce their own hot air balloons using different tools and art skills. Within gym lessons, children will continue to strengthen their core muscles, flexibility and team work.

Summer (First Half)

Who? What? Where?

The children will study the structures of plants and compare and name trees in their local environment. They will learn about the contributions of Mary Anning in history and produce their own clay fossils as mini archaeologists. Through detective work the children will inform one another about the lives of dinosaurs and cavemen. Year One will begin to solve one-step problems involving multiplication and division in practical ways and use their observation skills to detect different 2D and 3D shapes. To celebrate Buddha’s birthday, children will recap his teachings and positive attributes to the world.

Summer (Second Half)

Dream Big!

Within this topic, Year One will explore and compare the appearance and personality of different fairytale characters. They will conclude their work on seasonal changes and compare their findings with the start of the year. Children will explore different means of using paint for affect. The festival of Tanabata will give children the chance to think about their goals and wishes for Year Two and beyond. This term will prepare children for their next journey at Chestnut Lane School.

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