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Year One Topics - 2018/19

Year 1 Curriculum Overview for English & Maths 2018 - 2019

Year 1 Key Curriculum Overview (excluding English and Maths) 2018 - 2019

The National Curriculum in England: Key stages 1 and 2 framework

Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics

Autumn (First Half)

Stop! Look! Listen! & Mr Men and Little Miss

The first three weeks of our first term in Year 1 will be spent learning about keeping ourselves and others safe, as part of our ‘Stop! Look! Listen!’ topic. This will include reflecting upon on our whole school rules, creating a safe, happy learning environment in our new classrooms and learning how to safely use a Chromebook. Children will also learn about the emergency services and we will be comparing old and new Fire, Ambulance and Police Services. In English we will be focusing on creating and following story maps based on a range of books. In Mathematics children will continue to practise accurate counting and the formation of numbers, as well as beginning to record the names of each number in words. As the autumn leaves begin to fall, children will learn about seasonal changes in the UK and there will also be plenty of creative opportunities through art and cooking sessions.

Autumn (Second Half)      

Mr Men and Little Miss (continued)

The longstanding children’s favourite series of books by Roger Hargreaves is the inspiration for this topic. The different ‘Mr Men’ and ‘Little Miss’ stories will become exciting starting points to discuss our own behaviour and feelings, as well as providing creative writing and mathematics opportunities. Children will also write for a purpose, as they compose a set of instructions which they will then follow to sew their own puppets. In Science, children will investigate their senses and geography lessons will develop children’s map skills as they create their own maps with simple keys. By learning about festivals such as Diwali and Christmas, Year 1 will gain further understanding of different faiths and cultures.

Spring (First Half)

Wild World

Year 1 will begin the New Year by reading, researching and exploring our wonderful ‘Wild World’. Children will discover the ancient world of fossils, learning how they provide evidence about the past as they learn about Mary Anning. They will be enchanted by the natural world as they study the art work of Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Shilling. As well as reading stories from around the world, children will learn how to use dictionaries and then create their own. When researching topics on the computers, Year 1 will be taught how to use the Internet safely and will use a range of programs such as ‘Purple Mash’. In Mathematics, children will explore capacity, describing their findings by using mathematical vocabulary such as ‘empty’, ‘full’ and ‘half full’. Science lessons will focus on the animal world and children will sort animals into a range of groups, comparing their features. Chinese New Year is the festival celebrated this term.

Spring (Second Half)

Once Upon a Time…    

This topic will take us on a Fairy Tale journey as we describe characters and settings in magical lands, as well as recounting some of our favourite traditional stories. Year 1 will also go on their own journey as they walk around our local area and compare human and physical features. The children will also have the chance to apply their map skills and use compass directions as they explore their local environment. Looking back through history, children will have the opportunity to learn how toys have evolved over the years and ‘show & tell’ their own favourite toys. In Science, children will investigate the uses of different materials and learn to set up a fair experiment. In Mathematics we will plan some exciting activities involving measurements, including time and become confident using the language of ‘o’clock’ and ‘half past’.

Summer (First Half)

Earth, Wind and Fire

This half term, Year 1 will be looking at natural disasters, focusing specifically on Pompeii. Through role play and drama, we will recount events that have happened and children will understand the impact that such events can have on people and our planet. In Mathematics, we will begin to solve one-step problems involving multiplication and division in practical ways and use observational skills to detect different 2D and 3D shapes. Children will use Chromebooks to design and make animations, using a range of tools. To celebrate Buddha’s birthday, children will review his positive attributes and teachings to the world.

Summer (Second Half)

To Infinity and Beyond!

Within this topic we will be learning about our planet and how significant individuals, including Tim Peake, have helped us to understand space. We will also celebrate fifty years since the first moon landing. In English, Year 1 will look closely at non-fiction texts and talk about the key features, exploring how these differ to fiction books. In Science we will conclude our work on seasonal changes and compare our findings with the start of the year. Children will also look at the structure of plants in our school grounds and name common garden plants. The festival of Tanabata will give children the opportunity to think about their goals and wishes for Year 2 and beyond, preparing them for the next part of their journey at Chestnut Lane School.