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Year Two Topics 2017/18

Autumn (First Half)      

Art Attack and What a Wonderful World

During this topic, we will develop our writing skills through descriptive writing. The children will produce their own poems as well as character and setting descriptions based on a text. We will research different countries around the world and explore the role of Christopher Columbus.  The children will use their research to create explanation texts. Though art, Year Two will compare artists, including Salvador Dali. They will observe his work and make their own collages based on the skills they will learn.  During this term we will explore a variety of religious places and symbols; recognising why they are special. The children will work together to enhance their team building skills and learn new playground games that they can share with others.

Autumn (Second Half)      

What a Wonderful World (continued)

We will explore the importance of different animals, including humans, and how they survive on Earth.  The children will collect data about animals, to create tables and graphs through the use of software programs. Year Two will enhance their sewing skills, when making Christmas decorations. We will strengthen our ability to solve multiplication and division calculations through written methods. We will finish the term by taking on lead roles in the Christmas production.

Spring (First Half)          

Hocus Pocus

We will begin our topic by investigating the Plague and discovering how it affected humans. In computing, we will make our own moving animations based on magic. We will interpret atlases to identify compass directions and map symbols.  When making our own potion bottles, using clay, children will create a set of commands for others to follow.  We will progress our knowledge of fractions, by looking at the associated symbols and creating written methods to support our learning. 

Spring (Second Half)          


We will transport ourselves back to the dramatic time of The Great Fire of London. The children will produce timelines to gain a perspective of past events. Children will produce recounts of this event with help from historical figures, such as Samuel Pepys.  Year Two will sort different materials and discuss the importance of recycling. We will discover the human and physical features located in different countries around the world. Through programmable devices, we will extend our map skills to give specific directions.

Summer (First Half)        

Let's Go Lego

We will further our knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes by looking at their properties and continue to recite them by heart. Children will learn about the works of Da Vinci when creating their own drawings. We will also create art through other forms such as technology. The children will discuss the work and impact of famous scientists. We will build on our understanding of time, aiming to read the clock to the nearest 5 minute interval.

Summer (Second Half)      

The Living Planet 

Year Two will consolidate their drama skills when reporting about the planet. During this topic, we will produce news reports about rainforests and predict future outcomes. We will discover different landmarks around the world and familiarise ourselves with various habitats. Children will participate in cooking and nutrition lessons, understanding its impact on our health. Through food preparation we will accurately measure using different equipment and recognise the importance of hygiene. The children will begin to prepare for their next adventure into their new school and discuss their goals and aspirations.