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Year Two Topics 2016/17

Autumn (First Half Term)

Zap! And Game on

During this topic, we will explore a variety of subjects through comics. The children will produce their own comic writing and use this to design their own animation using technology. We will research the changes in technology producing a timeline to discover the significant developments. The children will use the research to create explanation texts. Though art Year Two will be taught a range of drawing skills using different approaches. During this term we will explore a variety of religious places and recognise why they are special. The children will work together to enhance their team building skills and learn new playground games that they can share with others.

Autumn (Second Half Term)


Through the Rubbish! topic we will explore the uses of materials, identifying those which can and cannot be recycled. The children will collect data about this to create tables and graphs through the use of software programs. We will reuse materials to work on our textiles skills. Year Two will handle money in a variety of contexts working towards finding change. We will strengthen our ability to solve multiplication and division calculations through written methods. We will finish the term by taking on lead roles in the Christmas production and reciting personal winter poems.

Spring (First Half Term)

One World

We will begin our topic by investigating atlases to identify the significant features of our world. We will research the flags from a selection of countries and find out more about their lifestyles. This will include participating in cooking and nutrition from around the world, understanding its impact on our health. Through food preparation we will accurately measure using different equipment and recognise the importance of hygiene. The children will listen and respond to cultural stories from around the world.

Spring (Second Half Term)

Up, up ... and away!

We will delve deep into the history of aeroplane flights and how the Wright brothers’ significant event influenced the way we travel today. The children explore the structure of stories, organising their writing to make it clear for the reader. We will follow, plan and embark on journeys using a range of maps, positional language and compass directions. Through programmable devices, we will extend our map skills to give specific directions. The children will investigate the impact that changeable weather conditions have on plant growth.

Summer (First Half Term)

Who? What? Where?

We will further our knowledge of plants through exploring their uses particularly focusing on how plants can be used for medicine. This research will inspire our own news reports. The children will creatively use plants as well as other natural materials to produce their own paints and artwork. We will also create art through other forms such as technology. Geographical language will be used to describe the amazing Wonders of the World. We will build on our understanding of time aiming to read the clock to the nearest 5 minute interval.

Summer (Second Half Term)

Dream Big!

Year Two will become explorers! During this topic, we will produce diary entries about our amazing discoveries from a range of fieldwork. We will document our adventures by creatively using technology. The children will learn about important explorers and identify how their discoveries made changes to life as we know it. We will be looking at animals and living things discovered in different parts of the world and will create our own animal sculptures. The children will begin to prepare for their next adventure into their new school and discuss their goals and aspirations.

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