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Year Two Topics 2018/19

Year 2 -  Curriculum Overview for English and Maths 2018 - 2019

Year 2 - Curriculum Overview (excluding English and Maths) 2018 - 2019

The National Curriculum in England: Key stages 1 and 2 framework

Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics

Autumn (First Half)      

Stop! Look! Listen! & Mr Men and Little Miss

As the oldest year group at Chestnut Lane, Year 2 will act as role models as they consider their new responsibilities and how to stay safe in our ‘Stop! Look! Listen!’ topic. They will have opportunities to develop their descriptive writing skills as they produce their own poems, as well as character and setting descriptions based on a text. We will expand our research skills through exploring different countries around the world, with a focus on the similarities and differences between China and New Zealand. The children will use their research to create informative posters and leaflets. Within art, Year 2 will compare modern artists, including local and international, upcoming artists. Children will develop their printing skills using mono prints, with a focus on creating a continuous line. They will explore a variety of religious places and symbols; recognising why they are special. The children will work together to enhance their team building skills and learn new playground games that they can share with others.

Autumn (Second Half)      

Mr Men and Little Miss (continued)

After exploring the adventures of some of our favourite Mr Men and Little Miss characters, Year 2 will become authors: creating their own Mr Men or Little Miss character and ‘publishing’ a story about them. In maths, we will strengthen our ability to solve multiplication and division calculations through written methods. Children will develop their classifying skills through a study on materials and recycling. They will also look at the life cycles of animals and demonstrate their understanding of these through graphs and tables. This year, we will be using the process of felting to create our own Christmas decorations and we will finish the term by taking on lead roles in the Christmas production.

Spring (First Half)          

Wild World

This topic was designed around the children’s interest in the natural world. Year 2 will become rainforest explorers, learning amazing facts about the trees, people and plants inhabiting these ancient ecosystems. They will also learn about the harmful effects of deforestation and research human and physical geography in countries outside of Europe. In Computing, we will collect data and use it to create tables and graphs in software programs. In Art and Design, Year 2 will be using photographs to enhance their observational drawing skills with a focus on portraits. As they develop their ‘sense of self’, children will be discussing and celebrating the similarities and differences between us and, through collaborative work, they will be setting their own goals.

Spring (Second Half)          

Once upon a time…

We will transport ourselves back to the dramatic time of The Great Fire of London, with an initial exploration of the gruesome Plague. Children will produce recounts of this event, with help from eyewitness accounts of historical figures, such as Samuel Pepys. We will also become bakers in our very own ‘Chestnut Lane Bakery’, as we learn to make bread! The fantasy element of this topic will also allow us to explore in depth the story language used in traditional tales. In Computing, we will develop our programming skills through the use of floor devices and algorithms. Through outdoor learning, children will be exploring gardens and enhancing their compass and directional skills. They will learn about the life cycle of plants, before creating their own ‘shoe box’ gardens.

Summer (First Half)        

Earth, Wind and Fire

As learning about living things, their food chains and their habitats becomes the focus of our Science lessons, this topic will also enable us to learn about the effects of different natural disasters on our planet. Through exploring wordless books, we will learn to articulate our own thoughts and feelings, empathising with those affected by such events. In Art lessons, we will work with a local artist to create our own clay sculptures. Year 2 will be further advancing their computer skills by also creating art through technology and exploring ‘Mashcam’. Children will develop a greater awareness of their personal learning styles and consider how to overcome obstacles within their learning.

Summer (Second Half)      

To Infinity and Beyond!

While celebrating fifty years since the first moon landing, Year 2 will use their drama skills to broadcast reports about our planet. We will be using cameras to film and record our reports. Continuing with the space theme, children will use their weaving skills in art lessons to create a ‘galaxy patch’. Year 2 will also discover different landmarks around the world and learn about the achievements of key historical figures such as Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. As we continue to build our resilience and perseverance levels in our final term before junior school, we will be studying famous scientists who overcame obstacles to achieve their positions in science. This will help us prepare for the transition to a new school, as we explore our own dreams and goals.