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CLESA Events Calendar 2016


Tuesday 20th - Tea in a Box, 2.05pm

February 2017

Friday 10th - Tea in a Box 3.05pm

Tuesday 28th - PTA meeting at Elangeni School, 7.30pm


Saturday 4th - Family Fun Night

Friday 31st - Tea in a Box 2.05pm


Tuesday 25th - PTA meeting at Chestnut Lane, 7,30pm


Saturday 6th - Quiz Night

Friday 26th - Tea in a Box 3.05pm


Tuesday 13th - PTA meeting at Elangeni School, 7.30pm


Sunday 2nd - Summer Fair at Elangeni, 11.45 - 3.30pm

Saturday 8th - Camp Out

Friday 21st - Tea in a Box, 2.05pm

More events will be added when dates are finalised.

Chestnut Lane and Elangeni Schools’ Association
Registered Charity 291212

UNICEF Rights Respecting School - Level 2 Healthy Schools