Chestnut Lane School

Personal Visits

Personal visits take place a minimum of monthly, typically in the home, using ‘Born to Learn’ Curriculum plans that are appropriate for your child’s development and age.With the support of Parents as First Teachers, you can expand, nurture and enrich your child’s learning experience, and can strengthen and develop a constructive relationship with them.

Parent educators:

  • build rapport with the family
  • discuss child development and parenting practices
  • model, consult, and coach on parenting practices
  • engage in parent/carer-child activities, including book reading, to foster observation of the child’s behaviour and parent/carer-child interaction
  • summarise new information and follow progress from previous visits to reinforce parent/carer knowledge of parental strengths, newly achieved child developmental milestones, and activities to support further developmental progress.

How do Personal Visits help my family?

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