Chestnut Lane School

Resource Network

Parent educators help connect family with community resources, such as:

  • community activities, groups, or general enrichment opportunities
  • health/mental health professionals, social service agencies, etc
  • early intervention for children with developmental delays

How does the ‘Resource Network’ help my family?

Short-term outcomes

Parent/carer will display increased:

  • knowlege of and exposure to community resources for parents/carers and children, including basic needs, health, other resources
  • knowledge of enrichment/learning activities
  • awareness of and access to sources for information and support

If resources/referrals are needed and utilised, family will have increased:

  • fulfilment of basic needs
  • reduction of stress
  • family support

Intermediate outcomes

Parent/carer will have increased:

  • connection with school and community
  • ability to advocate on behalf of child

If resources/referrals are utilised, child will have improved:

  • nutrition and health care
  • learning opportunities
  • social-emotional development
  • home environment

Long-term outcomes of PAFT support

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