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Resources for Parents

Here are some resources that parents may find useful.

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Early Years  

Year 1  

Year 2  


Grammar Terminology  

Basic Skills Literacy Workshop  

English Glossary of Terms  

Key Questions Wordless Book  

Letter Formation for Left Handed Children  

Letter Formation for Right Handed Children  

Reading at Home  

Reading Questions and Prompts  

Teaching Joins in Handwriting  

Valuable Reading Comments  


Buttons and Bars for Parents  

HFW and Tricky Words  

Key Vocabulary  

Phonics Workshop  

Phase 2 Sound Mat:  

Phase 3 Sound Mat:  

Phase 5 Sound Mat:  

Best Fit Train  Phase 5 only

Spelling Guidelines  Phase 6 only

Suffixes  Phase 6 only

Mr Thorne's Phonics:  

Understanding Phonics, Parents Tutorial Video  


100 Square  

200 Square  

Calculation Vocabulary  

Calculation Policy  

Written Maths Methods for Year 2  

Example Maths Questions  

Example of Hundreds,Tens,Units  

Maths Vocabularly Guidance  

Number Formation  

Number Lines  

Questions and Vocabulary  

Shape Vocabulary (updated March 2017)  

Preperation For Maths  (Elangeni YR3)


E-Safety Training Information  

UNICEF Rights Respecting School - Level 2 Healthy Schools