Year One Topics - 2022/23

Autumn (First Half)

Over the Rainbow

Core Book: The Day The Crayons Quit

We will begin the year learning all about the colours of the rainbow. This will include making fruit kebabs and mixing primary and secondary colours, describing what happens. Children will create their own artwork based on their choices of different colours, and they will begin to use subject-specific language to describe their artwork. We will learn about Jackson Pollock and Kandinsky to discover how artists use colours. Children will explore how to safely use a Chromebook and to use Purple Mash. In English, we will be focusing on creating and following story maps based on a range of books, and we will create our own Harvest themed dictionaries. During this topic we will be thinking about our senses and what each part of the body is used for. In Mathematics, children will continue to practise accurate counting and the formation of numbers, as well as beginning to record the names of each number in words. We will also explore 2D shapes, and describe and compare their properties. Through foundation subjects, children will learn about seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK and the children will consider what special things we have in our lives. By celebrating the festivals of Diwali, Yom Kippur and Harvest, children will gain further understanding of different faiths and cultures.

Autumn (Second Half)

What a Wonderful World

Core Books: Handa's Hen, Pumpkin Soup and Where The Wild Things Are

During this term, Year One will think about our amazing world, including a wide range of food, clothes, music, transport and countries! We will learn about algorithms and the children will be using BeeBots and Chromebooks to follow instructions. The children will create their own maps to use with the BeeBots, and we will also write our own set of instructions for a partner to reach a destination. We will be designing and sewing our own flags. Through our history work, we will be exploring and comparing old and new toys around the world, and the children will learn about Margarete Steiff who was a famous seamstress and toy maker in the 1800s. In English, we will continue our work on story maps and the children will write recounts of events that have happened. In Mathematics, we will explore addition and subtraction, and the children will begin to learn and spell the days of the week, months and years. During this topic, we will be looking at seasonal changes and consider what is different in each season. We will be thinking about caring friendships and the importance of being kind. We will celebrate Guru Nanak’s Birthday and Christmas.

Spring (First Half)

To Infinity and Beyond

Core Book: Zog

Year One will begin the New Year thinking about space! We will explore a range of significant astronauts through our English work. We will design and create our own space art using different materials, and we will be creating bottle rockets! In Science, we will look at the properties of common materials and how they are used to make different objects we see in our everyday lives. In Mathematics, we will explore capacity using a range of mathematical vocabulary e.g. empty, full and half full. We will also explore money and the children will learn the values of different coins and notes. In English, we will explore and write our own acrostic poems about space, and we will write letters. The children will also continue their work on recounts. Through our geography work, the children will learn about the four countries that make up the UK and explore characteristics of each capital city. We will continue our work on algorithms and the children will explore ‘debugging’. Chinese New Year, Tu B’Shevat and World Religion Day will be celebrated this term.

Spring (Second Half)

Awesome Authors!

Core Books: Hansel and Gretel & Elves and the Shoemaker

During this topic, we will become storytellers! We will explore the world of stories and how they are created. In Science, the children will learn about different animals and sort them into their classified groups, including creating field files about them. Through foundation subjects, the children will create their own story books with interactive elements, along with diving into the history of story telling, performances and plays. through the work of Jim Henson, Tim Rice and Hellen Keller. They will also be learning about different families and people who care for us, along with further special occasions and events. In Mathematics, we will plan some exciting activities around time using o’clock and half past. We will also be using positional and directional language in a range of tasks and will continue learning about money. In English, we will further our work on descriptions and labels building to create our own engaging and colourful stories. In Computing we will be exploring the other ways you can tell a story with technology.

Summer (First Half)

Home Sweet Habitat

Core Books: The Snail and the Whale & Flotsam

This term Year One will explore the habitats around them. Through our artwork, we will be creating natural artwork, along with working on our observations when drawing to create still life pieces - following the work of Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Shilling. We will also be looking at the changes of seaside holidays throughout the years and comparing old and new traditions. In Science, we will learn about plants and conclude our work on seasonal changes. In Computing, we will begin to really grasp Google Classroom and explore creating different documents with Google Docs and Google Slides. We will learn simple maps skills and look into the aspects of physical and human features. In Mathematics, we will begin to solve one-step problems involving multiplication and division in practical ways and use observational skills to detect different 2D and 3D shapes. We will also consider how we belong to places and groups and the importance of belonging.

Summer (Second Half)

Fabulous Figures

Core Books: Ada Twist, Scientist & Ruby's Worry

Our final topic is all about fabulous figures in History, the world and around us everyday. In English, Year One will look closely at information texts and they will write their own stories. The children will also write diary entries pretending they are fabulous figures through history, including Mary Anning and Brunel. The festival of Tanabata will give children the opportunity to think about their goals and wishes for Year Two and beyond. In Mathematics, Year One will solve a range of problems involving addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division. In Science, we will carry out a range of experiments following the work of Brunel and Mary Anning. In Computing, the children will explore researching on the Chromebooks and consolidating their skills. The children will study physical and human features, including looking at different landmarks in the UK and bridges and structures that Brunel designed. We will represent them through sculpture using gingerbread as a material. We will be learning about basic first aid, along with some ways their bodies may be changing. This term will prepare children for the next part of their journey at Chestnut Lane School.

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