Year One Topics - 2019/20


Colours of the Rainbow and Fab at 50!

This Autumn term we will be looking at two topics ‘Colours of the Rainbow and Fab at 50!’. The first four weeks of the term will be spent learning about mixing colours and seasonal changes in the UK.  Children will explore how to safely use a Chromebook and paint like Yayoi Kusama. In English we will be focusing on creating and following story maps based on a range of books. In Mathematics children will continue to practise accurate counting and the formation of numbers as well as beginning to record the names of each number in words. Through foundation subjects, children will learn how to manipulate ModRoc and cook biscuits. By celebrating the festival of Yom Kippur, Christmas and Diwali children will gain further understanding of different faiths and cultures.

Spring (First Half)

Let’s Move!

Year 1 will begin the new year exploring the inventions of Brunel. We will look closely at the work of Andy Goldsworthy. In Mathematics we will explore capacity using a range of mathematical vocabulary e.g. empty, full and half full. In Science we will carry out a range of experiments and learn how to predict.  In foundation subjects children will be taught how to use the internet safely and they will use a range of programs on Google Classroom. Chinese New Year will be the festival celebrated this term.

Spring (Second Half)

Blue Planet 

During the topic ‘Blue Planet’ children will have the opportunity to learn about the rainforest and the effects of deforestation. Within this topic we will explore the capital cities in the UK and link them to their key features. In Science children will learn about different animals and sort them into their classified groups. Children will learn how to use a dictionary to help them create their own. In Mathematics we will plan some exciting activities around time using o’clock and half past.

Summer (First Half)

Ready, Steady, Cook!

This term Year 1 will be looking at food history and using our cooking skills to make food from different countries. In Mathematics we will begin to solve one-step problems involving multiplication and division in practical ways and use observational skills to detect different 2D and 3D shapes. Children will use Beebots to explore algorithms. To celebrate Buddha’s birthday, children will recap his teachings and positive attributes to the world.

Summer (Second Half)


Within this topic we will be learning about the Suffragettes and how they impacted on the world.  In English, Year 1 will look closely at story writing and how to describe different fantasy worlds. In Science we will conclude our work on seasonal changes and compare our findings with the start of the year. We will look at the properties of common materials and how they are used to make different objects.  The festival of Tanabata will give children the opportunity to think about their goals and wishes for Year 2 and beyond. This term will prepare children for their next journey at Chestnut Lane School.

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