Year Two Topics - 2021/22

Autumn (First Half)      

Farm to Fork

The first term will focus on learning all about farming and where our food comes from. We will look at a range of texts to support children’s understanding about farming and how the food in our supermarkets comes from all around the world. During this topic, we will develop our writing skills through writing non-chronological reports based on different types of farming practices. In Computing, we will start by discussing E-Safety as it is the corner stone of making children understand how to stay safe online. Children will be learning how to research using Google and brushing up on their general Chromebook skills. During this term, we will explore a variety of religious places and symbols, recognising why they are special. In PSHE, the children will learn about the importance of mental well-being and its effect on different lives. In Science, children will be looking at animals, with emphasis on how they adapt to their environment for survival. We will compare animals living on farms to ones living in the wild.  

Autumn (Second Half)      

Show Time!

During this half of Autumn term, children will be looking at Show Time as our topic. We will be looking at writing scripts based on the stories written by the Year 2 children. The children will produce their play scripts inspired by plays written by various authors. They will get an opportunity to perform in front of their peers to develop their speaking and listening skills. In Music, children will be looking at music from around the world and various musical instruments used around the world. In Maths, we will strengthen our ability to solve multiplication and division calculations through written methods. Children will look at learning all about families, as part of PSHE, which will provide children with opportunities to celebrate different types of families.

Spring (First Half)          

Time to Move

We will begin our topic by developing our non-fiction writing skills through fact files about Amelia Earhart and George Stevenson. To enhance our writing skills, we will be creating presentations based on different sources of energy. This activity will have a cross-curricular link with Computing, as children will be using Chromebooks and including digital images in their writing. In Maths, children will be working on developing their understanding of time by comparing and sequencing intervals of time. They will also be looking at how to write, recognise and find simple fractions within numbers. In Geography, we will be looking at different human and physical features within certain countries, and linking them to features which might have been present during the Great Fire of London.

Spring (Second Half)          

Nature Rocks!

We will be starting this exciting topic by looking at treasures hiding inside the Earth’s crust. We will be creating information posters based on different types of precious and semi-precious stones. In Art, children will create observational drawings and will be looking at Aboriginal art. In Maths, we will be reinforcing addition and subtraction through recalling addition and subtraction facts up to 20 and learning how to use related facts up to 100. In Science, we will be looking to identify and classify different types of materials and will be looking at prominent scientists, which helped to invent revolutionary materials which have helped in our everyday lives. In RE, children will be looking at our world to find out more about the world we live in and what makes us all unique.

Summer (First Half)        

Beyond the Sea

We will further our knowledge about 2D and 3D shapes by looking at their properties, noting the similarities and differences and looking at lines of symmetry. In Science, we will be looking at plants found on land and underwater. We will be thinking about what different plants need to survive in the different conditions. This will provide an opportunity to compare and contrast the different species of plants.  In PSHE, we will learn about the importance of friendships in our lives and what healthy friendships look like. In Geography, we will be looking at the continents and oceans found on our planet and link this to historical facts about the Titanic. In DT, we will be making clay sculptures of a sea animal to reflect our topic.

Summer (Second Half)

Dream Team

Year Two will consolidate their writing through fantasy stories and developing different viewpoints in story writing. In Science, children will be learning about the importance of fair testing through carrying out various investigations, as part of working scientifically as a team. In PSHE, children will begin to prepare for their next adventure into their new school and discuss their goals and aspirations, as we get ready to think about transition. In Maths, concepts such as place value, money and statistics will be reinforced. Computing lessons will include creating charts and graphs for children to develop their skills in interpreting data. In History, we will be looking at famous athletes from around the world, to discuss their inspirational lives and learn more about perseverance and resilience. Children will be creating art inspired by Salvador Dali̒.

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