Year Two Topics - 2019/20

Autumn (First Half)      

Colours of the Rainbow

During this topic, we will develop our writing skills through descriptive writing. The children will produce their own poems as well as character and setting descriptions based on a text. We will expand our research skills through exploring different countries around the world with a focus on the similarities and differences between oceans, rivers and flags. The children will use their research to create informative posters and leaflets. This term will have a focus on developing our experimental skills within Art with a focus on colour and the work of Kandinsky.  During this term we will explore a variety of religious places and symbols; recognising why they are special. The children will work together to enhance their team building skills and learn new playground games that they can share with others.

Autumn (Second Half)      

Fab at 50!

This term, we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Chestnut Lane School. We will research the development of the school and the local area we live in. Within this term we will be developing our classifying skills by exploring materials in Science. In Design Technology, we will be using the process of felting to create our own Christmas decorations. We will strengthen our ability to solve multiplication and division calculations through written methods. We will finish the term by taking on lead roles in the Christmas production.

Spring (First Half)          

Let's Move!

This term will focus on vehicles and different forms of transportation.  In Design Technology, we will be designing, planning and building our own moving vehicles. We will be looking at and exploring the life cycles of animals within this term with a focus on the requirements for survival. The children will collect data to create tables and graphs through the use of software programmes. Within History we will be looking at transport and the differences and developments through time. Children will be celebrating and discussing the similarities and differences between us and through communicative work will be setting their own goals. In English, we will be reading and innovating the story of Icarus and Daedalus to write our own stories.

Spring (Second Half)          

Blue Planet

This term we will be looking at everything to do with underwater life. We will be using images and videos from Blue Planet to stimulate the children’s creative writing. Within Art we are going to be looking at Monet and the Waterlilies. In computing, we will develop our programming skills through the use of floor devices and algorithms. Children will be exploring the gardens and the life cycle of plants. We will also be enhancing our compass and directional skills.

Summer (First Half)        

Ready, Steady, Cook!

This term we will be exploring the importance of healthy eating. We will also be looking at the nutritional value of food groups. Children will have the opportunity to develop their own cooking skills within DT. Children will be developing their computer skills by creating art through technology and exploring programmes such as 2simple MashCams. Within Science we will be looking at the food chains within ecosystems. Children will also develop an awareness of their personal learning styles and how to overcome obstacles within their learning.

Summer (Second Half)


Year Two will be consolidating their learning through studying more imaginative texts within English. We will look at stories by Roald Dahl and David Walliams to show the children how to use descriptions and humour in their writing.  We will be comparing England with Tokyo with a focus on the human and physical features. We will be preparing for transitioning to a new school through exploring our dreams and goals. We will also discover different landmarks around the world.

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