Year Two Topics - 2022/23

Autumn (First Half)      

Over the Rainbow

Core Book: The Dot

The first term will focus on reinforcing basic writing skills such as the use of capital letters, full stops and including conjunctions in writing to extend children’s ideas. Children will be developing these skills through cross-curricular writing when exploring how colours mix and how they can be used to express feelings. Through Computing, children will research various famous artists and feel inspired to create their own piece of art on a Chromebook. Children will delve deeper into artistic language to help them self-evaluate their work. During this term, we will explore a variety of religious places and symbols, recognising why they are special. In PSHE, children will learn about the importance of mental well-being to explore its effect on our daily lives. In Science, children will take greater independence when leading investigations. Through hands-on learning, they will build on their justifications and make links using scientific reasoning.  

Autumn (Second Half)      

What a Wonderful World!

Core Book: Hats of Faith

This term celebrates the beauty and diversity within our classroom and beyond. We will celebrate different languages, traditions and food. Children will look at writing stories inspired by different texts from around the world. In History, children will be learning about the life and achievements of famous historical figures, providing them with many opportunities to build empathy and ask questions about the past. In Music, children will be looking at music from around the world and how various musical instruments are played to create different sounds. In Maths, we will strengthen our ability to solve multiplication and division calculations through written methods. Children will look at learning all about respectful relationships, as part of PSHE, which will provide children with opportunities to look at different relationships and their importance in our lives.

Spring (First Half)          

To Infinity and Beyond!

Core Book: Traction Man

Children will zoom into space! We will begin our topic by developing our descriptive writing skills through writing about new planets that children have imagined! Children will develop their comparison skills, as we look into the lives of Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong. In Maths, children will be working on developing their understanding of time by comparing and sequencing intervals of time. They will also be looking at how to write, recognise and find simple fractions within numbers. In Geography, children will be developing their knowledge of our planet, as we explore our deep oceans, huge continents and our opposing poles.

Spring (Second Half)          

Awesome Authors

Core Book: Alternative Traditional Tales

We will be starting our exciting topic by looking and researching the lives of famous authors and illustrators. In Art, children will be creating art inspired by Salvador Dali. In Maths, we will be reinforcing addition and subtraction through recalling addition and subtraction facts up to 20, learning how to use related facts up to 100 and reinforcing the written methods learnt so far. In Science, we will be looking to identify living things in our local area and around the world, making links to their habitats. In RE, children will be looking at special stories from different religions. Children will learn about what life lessons we can learn from these stories and how we can apply those lessons in our lives.  

Summer (First Half)        

Home Sweet Habitat

Core Book: Mirror

Children will nestle into a cosy environment to learn all about different animals, making comparisons about their features. We will further our knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes by looking at their properties; noting the similarities and differences and looking at lines of symmetry. Children will continue to make cross-curricular links between English and Science, as children will be writing non-chronological reports about different animal habitats.  In PSHE, we will learn about different types of families, as they come in all shapes and sizes! We will identify how close we live to London whilst learning about the Great Fire of London. Children will present their writing in different ways, from writing a fact file to writing a diary entry inspired by Samuel Pepys.

Summer (Second Half)

Fabulous Figures

Core Reading Book: Paddington

Year Two will celebrate important figures from the past and present, including Queen Victoria and Malala. Children will consolidate their writing through fiction and non-fiction writing such as creating non-chronological reports and character descriptions, embedding a deeper understanding of creative language and linking their learning from other subjects. In Science, children will be learning about the importance of fair testing through carrying out various investigations, as part of working scientifically as a team. In PSHE, children will begin to prepare for their next adventure into their new schools and discuss their goals and aspirations. In Maths, concepts such as place value, money and statistics will be reinforced. Computing lessons will include creating charts and graphs for children to develop their skills in interpreting data.

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