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Welcome to Reception

Welcome to Reception

We welcome children into Reception in September. We know that starting school is a big step for both children and parents so we work together to help the children settle in quickly and happily, developing a positive attitude to learning and school.

We work closely together as part of an Early Years Unit and we follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum. Much of what the children do will be based around play. To encourage and support this they are given time to choose their own activities with adults interacting and helping to ensure that free play is a positive and focused learning experience. There are also planned focused activities to meet specific objectives and extended learning. Activities take place in our three bases: The Forest, The Hive and The Early Years Garden.

The Forest is where quieter activities take place. Here children have access to puzzles, a book corner, a writing area, a small imaginative corner and fine motor activities. There is also a discovery area where children can investigate and explore. This is also a base room for the Owls and Squirrels. It has a large home corner for role play and a music station for listening to songs.

The Hive is the room where the Bumblebees and Ladybirds are based. It has a large area for children to select mathematical equipment and games, a construction zone with a wide variety of resources and a role play area based on the current topic. This room also contains a creative area, where children can explore and experiment with messy and creative activities and can access playdough, clay, junk modelling and painting.

The Early Years Garden is open during all activity times, regardless of weather conditions (unless outside conditions are unsafe). All of the areas of learning offered inside are reflected on a different scale outside.

All children visit the large playground, adventure playground or school field and the end of the afternoon session. They have the opportunity to use skills equipment and ride-on toys.

We use a range of technology in the setting, including remote control vehicles, laptops, PCs and cameras. We go for regular walks around Chestnut Lane School grounds looking for signs of seasonal changes and observing our local environment.

Reception children have Playball lessons every Wednesday and PE sessions every Friday afternoon; children participate in games, fine motor skills and dance with a specialised dance teacher.