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Welcome to Year One

In Year 1 we support the children through their transition from Early Years to Key Stage 1. We gradually increase their exposure to more structured, whole class learning, while ensuring that they still engage in lots of practical, hands on activities.

Children’s love of books will be nurtured and extended as we explore a range of stories, poems and information books throughout the year. They will work towards writing their own stories, often getting ideas from role-play and drama. Children will also have plenty of opportunities to read and write across the curriculum through our topic-based approach. We concentrate on structuring sentences with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops and encourage children to begin to check their own writing to ensure it makes sense. Alongside carefully planned phonics sessions, children’s knowledge of the alphabet is put into practice across the curriculum as we regularly use dictionaries to build our vocabulary.

In mathematics, children will use a range of resources to develop their confidence with numbers and counting. They will record calculations as ‘number sentences’ and become confident writing numbers as both numerals and in words. Later in the year, we will also begin to practically explore multiplication and division through grouping and sharing. By being given opportunities to handle and identify common 2D and 3D shapes, children will become confident naming, describing and comparing these. Exciting challenges will enable Year 1 to apply their knowledge of money and measurement to solve problems.

In Science, Year 1 will identify the seasonal changes which occur over the year and discuss evergreen and deciduous trees within our beautiful school grounds. Science investigations will focus on animals, including humans, and children will learn about how to stay fit and healthy through effective hygiene and nutritious cooking. Healthy lifestyles will also form a key part of our ‘Real PE’ programme. Our new Chromebooks will enable lots of exciting computer-based learning opportunities across the curriculum. Through field work, children will apply map skills as they explore our local environment.

Supporting children’s personal, social and emotional development and their awareness of the wider world is central to fostering a love of learning, and opportunities for this are capitalised upon across the school day. By discussing changes and new beginnings, children will prepare to continue their learning journey in Year 2.