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Admissions Policies

The School’s Admissions Policy is in line with that of the County Council. 

Entry into the Nursery (Little Chestnuts)

Parents are encouraged to visit the school before submitting an application form, and should contact the school office for an appointment to see around the school. (Prospective Parent Tour dates are listed in Prospective Parents section of the website.) We encourage all parents to take up the place offered in our nursery class as it serves as an excellent introduction to school.

Children are eligible for entry into Little Chestnuts Nursery for the academic year in which they turn four. We can have a maximum of 26 children in nursery at any one time.

Little Chestnuts Application Form

When the number of applications exceeds the places available we follow Buckinghamshire's County Council's admission rules for nursery classes.

Buckinghamshire Policy for Nursery Admissions 

Please note that attending our nursery has no bearing on being allocated a reception class place by the Local Authority.

Entry into Reception (Early Years)

Parents need to register separately for admission to reception. Applications for places at the school must be submitted to the Local Authority (LA). More information can be found on the Buckinghamshire County Council's website in the education section.

As a community school we follow the Buckinghamshire County Council's admission rules for primary schools.

Buckinghamshire Admissions for Primary Schools.

Waiting Lists

Children not allocated places can be placed on a waiting list. Parents will need to contact Bucks County Council who manage waiting lists and determine the order by following the county's admissions criteria. Parents may choose to appeal against the decision not to allocate a place at the School.

Admission to Elangeni School

Chestnut Lane and Elangeni are linked schools.  However, attendance at Chestnut Lane School does not imply automatic admission to Elangeni School.  See Buckinghamshire County Council's Admissions Policy regarding linked schools.

Buckinghamshire County Council  

Contact the Admissions Team by clicking here: