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School Uniform


Grey trousers or shorts, red sweatshirt and red or white polo shirt.


Grey skirt or pinafore dress with tights (red or grey) or socks, or grey smart trousers, red sweatshirt or cardigan and red or white polo shirt. Summer dress - red and white checked gingham with socks.


Children should wear sensible black shoes which are safe to run in.


For children to benefit fully from PE and games lessons it is essential for them to have proper kit. To maximise the time spent on PE (rather than changing clothes) on PE days children should come to school in shoes, black jogging bottoms, white polo shirt, school sweatshirt or cardigan.

They should have a PE kit bag in school with black plimsolls wth elastic sides (rather than laces) which they will change into for their lessons. In addition, they should have a white t-shirt and red PE shorts to be used in lessons that involve gym apparatus.


Stud earrings must be removed for PE.

Long Hair

Should be tied back on PE days.

UNICEF Rights Respecting School - Level 2 Healthy Schools