Shopping Gift Card Scheme

Do you regularly shop at John Lewis, Waitrose, Tesco or Sainsbury?

Raise money for the school PTA without spending an extra penny!

CLESA PTA raised £3,640 in the last academic year 2019/20 from our gift card scheme through which we earn commission of up to 5% by selling John Lewis, Tesco and Sainsbury’s gift cards to parents. 

We earn 4% from Sainsbury’s, John Lewis sales and Tesco and 5% from M&S sales. However, every year we lose families when they leave year 6 so we always need new families to sign up and keep raising money in such an easy way.

Simply set up a standing order.  If you do internet banking, setting up a standing order online is very easy.  All you need are the following details:

Account Name: CLESA Voucher
Account Number: 00017568
Sort Code: 40-52-40
Payee Reference: Your Name
Start Date: The 1st day of whatever month you wish to start.
Amount: How much you want to buy each month.  

Then email: telling us:

  • which shop
  • amount of standing order
  • your mobile number.

It all adds up, doesn’t cost you anything more than the face value of the gift cards.

Why don’t you join in?

  • £48 could be raised each year by every family that sets up a standing order of £100 per month.
  • The gift cards we sell are identical to those sold in the shops so they’re perfect for using for the weekly shop in Tesco, Waitrose or Sainsbury’s.
  • John Lewis gift cards can be used in-store or online at both John Lewis and Waitrose.
  • Tesco and Sainsbury’s gift cards can be used in-store only and are topped up by us mid-month to spend any at any time. The value of your shopping is taken off leaving the remainder for the next shop.

How it works

  • This can be done at any time in the school year. Once the standing order has started you can start collecting your gift cards.
  • Gift cards can also be bought on an ad-hoc basis and paid for by cheque (e.g. for furniture purchases, Christmas gifts etc).

If you have any questions please contact Trudie Holt at:

Giftcard Flyer

CLESA Giftcard Video

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