Welcome To Year One

Year 1 Curriculum Overview (excluding English and Maths) 2023-24

Year 1 Curriculum Overview for English and Maths 2023-24

Year 1 Core Book List

In Year One we make a magical start by enjoying reading and listening to stories, including those from fantasy worlds. We work towards writing our own stories, often getting ideas from role-play and drama. We concentrate on structuring sentences with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We also introduce number sentences with +, – and = signs, and learn to write numbers to 20 as numerals and in words. We will start to identify the seasonal changes which occur over the year and discuss evergreen and deciduous trees within our beautiful school grounds.

In Science we will focus on animals, including humans, and learn about how to stay fit and healthy through effective hygiene and nutritious cooking. Through computing sessions we look at personal safety online, as well as the importance of ‘Stranger Danger’. We explore a range of poems, and use information texts to support our research. In Maths we focus on finding halves and quarters of different values, as well as comparing a wide range of measurements. We will also look at the values of different coins and notes, and use all 4 of the operations to solve problems. We name and describe the properties of different 2D and 3D shapes and compare a range of shapes.

Through field work of our local environment; we apply our map skills to participate in investigations. We learn how to input information onto a database and try to interpret results. Our knowledge of the alphabet is put into practice as we regularly use dictionaries to build up our vocabulary. By discussing changes and new beginnings; we will prepare for the continued journey into Year Two.

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