Five Ways to Wellbeing

There are five key ways which we can support our wellbeing, which apply to all ages. Bucks Mind, explains that the Five Ways to Wellbeing is a “set of actions that are proven to enhance wellbeing. They are the wellbeing equivalent of ‘five fruit and veg a day’. Taking one of these five invitations to action can really help to protect and improve our wellbeing.”


…with family, friends, your community.

Be Active

…go for a walk or a run, join a club, find a new activity.

Take Notice

…of the world around you, explore your local area, go out for lunch with friends.

Keep Learning

…find a course, learn to play an instrument, set a challenge.


…a smile, a hug, some time to help someone.

Please refer to the following link for further information and activities for each area:


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