Welcome To Year Two

Year 2 Curriculum Overview (excluding English and Maths) 2023-24

Year 2 Curriculum Overview for English and Maths 2023-24

Year 2 Core Books List

Year Two is a very exciting year for children to progress their independence and demonstrate being good role models for other year groups. They continue to develop their learning behaviours, building up their resilience and setting themselves challenges.

In English, we develop children’s writing through creative and imaginative lessons. We focus on a range of fiction and non-fiction texts to deepen children’s language and comprehension. Children develop their joined handwriting and apply this skill through all writing opportunities. Open questions and self-checking are used to enhance children’s independent ideas and editing skills. 

In Maths, we build on knowledge from previous years and develop children’s understanding of place value and number patterns, advancing into the hundreds (written and numeral). Children enjoy exploring mental and written methods for all four operations. They learn to problem solve using a range of resources, in a variety of contexts, including measurement and money. Exploring maths outside allows children to link mathematical skills with nature.

Year Two prepares children for their next step on the education path towards Key Stage Two and Junior School.

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